Yves Zahno


I’m a musician, guitarist, singer. Committed in a few great bands around here in Switzerland for almost 20 years (Disfunktion, A Few Good Men, the bliss,Jack is Dead…). I always was interested in the groove and working and focusing on it with the different projects be it funk, rock, jazz or songwriting.

I composed, wrote and arranged several albums. Produced a DVD live at Paléo Festival Nyon 2012 with the project Jack is Dead & The Iranian Orchestra.

I’m currently working on new material for my solo project. Something in between folk, blues, funk with just me singing and playing guitar and weird stuffs… Stay tuned !

I compose for theatredance and for the swiss national TV & Radio Broadcast RTS in Lausanne.

I’m a journalist too. Worked more than 20 years as a journalist and TV and Radio host. I produced and presented also several TV and radio shows for RTS channels La Première and Couleur3 ( Tronches de Vie, Demain Peut-être, La Société Anonyme, La Lutte des Classes, Radio Paradiso). I also perform voiceovers at the RTS for several programs within the radio (Espace2, La Première, Couleur3 and for sponsoring)

I’m also working with a Film and TV spot production company for which I perform voiceovers and compose original music.